Back to Dallas Thursday



From our Sixth Grade Adventurers:



I thought the trip was awesome.  I love the adventure and hanging with friends.  It is definitely my favorite trip ever.


Megan, Bella, Macy, and Hannah

Our favorite thing? Corpus Christi!


Mitchell Landon, Alex, and Chris

This trip has been very fun. Visiting Goliad was awesome. The aquarium was great!  The USS Lexington was the best part.  Another favorite part was being with friends.


Brett, Spencer, and Cullen

Our favorite parts were the USS Lexington and the aquarium.  Our favorite part of the ship was the flight simulator and sitting in the plane.  Our favorite part about the aquarium was petting the sharks and stingrays and looking at the turtles.  The trip has been fun so far.


Thank you to all of our students who received compliments everywhere we went for their intelligence,  enthusiasm, and excellent behavior!  Thank you to Mrs. Miles, Mr. Guerra, and Mrs. Born for sharing their knowledge, humor and heart throughout the week! I am honored to get to share this adventure with all of them!  Sixth Grade Adventure Week 2016 rocked!


Seeing San Antonio

From the sixth grade travelers:

Ella, Madison, and Grayson

Today we went to the Alamo, The Institute of Texan Cultures, and El Mercado. They were all so fun but our favorites were the Alamo and El Mercado because we have been learning about the Alamo and we love shopping!


Joey, Ashton, Prahlad
Today we stayed in San Antonio. First we saw the movie Alamo, The Price of Freedom. Next we went to the real Alamo. We got to see a lot of cannons and priceless artifacts like William B. Travis’ cat’s eye ring. Next we got to eat lunch. After that we went to a culture museum. Finally we got to shop.


Charlie, Sumner, and Henry
Today we woke up and ate breakfast. Then we went to the Riverwalk AMC theatre to see the Alamo movie. After that we went to see the real deal Alamo and checked out some of the exhibits. Pretty cool! Then we went to see a diorama reenactment of the Alamo battle. Then went to the food court and ate lunch. After that we went to the Institute of Texan Culture.   (It’s a museum.)   Then we went shopping at one market. We ended our day by going to an awesome Mexican restaurant.imageClaire and Dasha

We had a great time today.   We went to the Alamo and learned a lot about it.  We also did a lot of shopping at some cool shops.  There were lots of cool hand made items there.  For lunch we got to go to the River Center Mall’s food court and have some Great Choices!  And had room for Some ICE CREAM!


Megan, Bella, Macy, and Hannah

We loved watching the Alamo movie at the IMAX theater!





Johnny and Will

Today we started the day at 6:30 with a breakfast at the hotel.  We then went to a mall to watch an Alamo movie.  We then went to see several museums including the Alamo.  We later went to the Institute of Texan Cultures.  Then we went and had Mexican food for dinner.

Today was awesome!  We went to see the Alamo and touch a piece of history (like Dr. Who 🙂  Then we went to many malls and museums – Cool!

South Texas Tuesday

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageWe enjoyed a beautiful day in Goliad and Corpus Christi! With the gulf breezes helping us along, we visited Presidio La Bahia, the Texas State Aquarium, and the USS Lexington. I was happy to share the history and lore of my home town. The only disappointment was that we couldn’t jump in the water with the other tourists today! And the voting results are in -the Texas State Aquarium has the best gift shop so far!

Austin City Limits

We enjoyed a busy first day of Adventure Week with stops in Waco and Austin before arriving in San Antonio. Waco is the official home of the Texas Rangers which we all learned originally ranged across the Texas frontier to protect settlers from attacks from Native Americans.  Although a few people were a little disappointed that it was not a baseball museum, we all were amazed at the collection of weaponry and the feats of the Rangers throughout  our history.


In Austin, we visited the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum and watched “The Story of Texas.” The new exhibit about the raising of the shipwrecked La Belle was exciting to see along with the regular exhibits. The afternoon continued with a visit to the Capitol Visitor’s Center and the Texas Capitol building. We finished our day with dinner at Chili’s where we heard more than once how polite our students are.

It was an amazing first day and we are excited to see what adventures day 2 will imageimage

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