Back to Dallas Thursday



From our Sixth Grade Adventurers:



I thought the trip was awesome.  I love the adventure and hanging with friends.  It is definitely my favorite trip ever.


Megan, Bella, Macy, and Hannah

Our favorite thing? Corpus Christi!


Mitchell Landon, Alex, and Chris

This trip has been very fun. Visiting Goliad was awesome. The aquarium was great!  The USS Lexington was the best part.  Another favorite part was being with friends.


Brett, Spencer, and Cullen

Our favorite parts were the USS Lexington and the aquarium.  Our favorite part of the ship was the flight simulator and sitting in the plane.  Our favorite part about the aquarium was petting the sharks and stingrays and looking at the turtles.  The trip has been fun so far.


Thank you to all of our students who received compliments everywhere we went for their intelligence,  enthusiasm, and excellent behavior!  Thank you to Mrs. Miles, Mr. Guerra, and Mrs. Born for sharing their knowledge, humor and heart throughout the week! I am honored to get to share this adventure with all of them!  Sixth Grade Adventure Week 2016 rocked!


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